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This data pool validates and archives blobs from Ethereum (EIP-4844) for certain contract addresses and makes them permanently available with Arweave and Bundlr.


  • Runtime: @kyvejs/ethereum-blobs
  • Data Source: Self hosted Ethereum full node (Lighthouse & Geth)
  • Data: Blobs starting from the Dencun upgrade
  • Storage Provider: Bundlr
  • Networks
  • Min Hardware Requirements
    • 8 or more physical CPU cores
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 2 TB DISK
    • 100mbps network bandwidth


Before you can run a protocol validator on any pool, there are some basic requirements that have to be met, ranging from simple hardware specs to owning a certain amount of $KYVE and other currencies. Make sure you meet the requirements described here.


The goal of this pool is to validate and archive all blobs for certain L2s permanently and decentralized. With this data we want to play a key role in the required decentralized storage of these blobs and making them a public good for scalable, reliable building on Ethereum. Furthermore, the validated data will be accessible through the Trustless-API, mocking the /eth/v1/beacon/blob_sidecars endpoint. This enables a number of further use cases for data analysis and node runners in the Ethereum ecosystem.