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Discovering KYVE

Making data a public good for a trustless ecosystem.

Getting Started

Read into KYVE or learn with the KYVE Academy:

Explore KYVE

Get familiar with KYVE and explore its main concepts.

  • Introduction - High-level overview of KYVE
  • $KYVE - Read all about the native currency of KYVE
  • Data - Discover how you can store and retrieve validated data
  • Core Logic - Explore the underlying core protocol
  • SDK - Contribute and develop applications on KYVE
  • Running a node - Run a node and participate in the network

Explore the Stack

  • KYVE - The Web3 data lake for fetching, storing, and validating data
  • KSYNC - Rapidly sync validated blocks and snapshots from KYVE to every Tendermint based Blockchain Application
  • Data Pipeline - An ELT pipeline for accessing KYVE data
  • More products coming soon ...

Help & Support

  • Discord - Chat with the KYVE community on Discord