# KYVE Network & Protocol Docs

Enabling limitless scalability for Web3.

# What is KYVE?

KYVE allows developers and applications to store and retrieve any data stream. Fully decentralized, validated, and efficient. Dive deeper into the KYVE Ecosystem and learn more about how you can bootstrap your project with KYVE.

# Getting started

There are multiple ways how you can interact with KYVE. These are the most common starting points:

# Run a KYVE chain node

Running a KYVE chain node enables users to support and secure the KYVE blockchain. Find out how to start a chain node in under 20 minutes here.

# Run a KYVE protocol node

Running a KYVE protocol node enables projects to store and retrieve their data streams fully decentralized. Find out how to start a protocol node in under 10 minutes here.

# Projects using KYVE

# Getting started with contributing to the docs site

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Install dependencies
Copy npm install
  1. Serve up the site in dev mode
Copy npm run serve