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Validators are the backbone of KYVE and depending on which type of validator you want to join different requirements and responsibilities have to be met.

Types of validators

KYVE currently has two types of validators: A consensus validator which is a validator in a Cosmos based Proof of Stake blockchain. Their main tasks are finding consensus on the chain state which includes keeping track of the data pools and other related data. On the other hand we have protocol validators which is a validator on the protocol level. Their main tasks are connecting to data pools and uploading and validating data from various data sources, archiving them on a web3 storage provider like Arweave. A general overview of that architecture can be found below:



Because of the nature of each type of validator there are many differences regarding the setup, minimum stake and other requirements. An overview of those differences can be found below:

Consensus validatorProtocol validator
Taskfind consensus on chain statefind consensus on data validity
Available Slots100pools x 50
Minimum $KYVE requiredmore than lowest validator if slots are fullmore than lowest validator if slots are full
Min CPU requirements2vCPU1vCPU
Min RAM requirements16 GB2 GB
Minimum DISK requirements250 GB8 GB
Source of rewardstransaction fees + inflationdata pool funds
Delegation possibleyesyes
Commission rewards possibleyesyes
Reasons for slashingdouble signing, being offlineinvalid voting/uploading, being offline
Programming languagegotypescript
Source code