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This data pool validates and archives state-sync snapshots from Celestia and makes them permanently available with Arweave and Bundlr


  • Runtime: @kyvejs/tendermint-ssync
  • Data Source: KSYNC (over serve-snapshots)
  • Data: state-sync snapshots every 3,000 blocks ongoing
  • Storage Provider: Bundlr
  • Networks
  • Source Node Min Hardware Requirements
    • 8 or more physical CPU cores
    • 32 GB RAM
    • 150 GB DISK
    • 100mbps network bandwith


Before you can run a protocol validator on any pool, there are some basic requirements that have to be met, ranging from simple hardware specs to owning a certain amount of $KYVE and other currencies. Make sure you meet the requirements described here.


The goal of this pool is to validate and archive state-sync snapshots from Celestia permanently and decentralized. With this data, we want to make it possible for other nodes to state-sync the data from KYVE, making expensive archival nodes on Celestia obsolete in the long run.

More information on how to perform block sync with KYVE visit the documention about KSYNC here.