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$KYVE Token
KYVE is running is testnet.
Tokens do not have any value, and can not be traded on exchanges.


$KYVE is used in the protocol for staking, voting, and rewarding uploaders and validators for participating in the network.
Ways to earn tokens as a user:
  • Earn staking rewards by being an uploader or a validator
  • Earn staking rewards by having staked tokens in the governance
  • Earn tokens by getting them transferred from you through the treasury
  • Buy/Sell tokens from an exchange

Token flow

The KYVE architecture consists of three main parts:


In the Governance Smart-Contract, users can stake $KYVE. Staking $KYVE allows users to participate in voting on the protocol. Every user who has staked tokens has the chance of receiving tokens as a reward. The higher the stake, the higher the chance of receiving a reward is.


Only governance votes can control the treasury contract, and it will always receive 1% of tokens payouts. The governance can vote on transferring tokens out of the treasury.


There can be multiple pools. Nodes must stake in the pool. Nodes can have two types: Uploader or Validator. Once the uploader has uploaded data and registered it in the pool, the validators fetch the data and validate it. After a grace period is over, the amount of $KYVE to be paid out is calculated. The reward will be paid out to a governance holder, the treasury, the uploader, and the validators. The validator reward gets evenly distributed between all validators.
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