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What is $KYVE

$KYVE is KYVE’s native coin. It has multiple use cases: On the chain level, $KYVE is used for staking and delegating, securing the network through Proof of Stake; On the protocol level, $KYVE is used for funding, staking, and delegating, providing security for uploaded data. On the governance level, $KYVE is used for submitting and voting on proposals, allowing stakeholders to have a say in the evolution and growth of KYVE. Find more about $KYVE via CoinMarketCap.

Key Parameters

The most important parameters of $KYVE are listed below depending on the network:

Genesis Supply1,000,000,000 $KYVE1,000,000,000 $KYVE1,000,000,000 $KYVE
Current Total Supply*
Current Inflation*
Coin Type118118118
Base Denomukyvetkyvetkyve

*Updated at

What can I do with my $KYVE?

There are multiple use cases for $KYVE ranging from simple delegation to specific KYVE features like funding or participating in Storage Pools. The following use cases are explained in detail in the following pages. KYVE mainnet has just launched.

Currently, you can only delegate $KYVE to consensus validators, run a consensus validator, or participate in KYVE governance. Further participation will open up as soon as data pools launch on mainnet.

$KYVE Faucet

To participate in the Testnet Kaon or the Devnet Korellia, you will need tokens that can be obtained through faucets.