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The uploader has the most important role in the current bundle proposal round since he is responsible for actually providing and storing the data onto the storage provider and registering it for validation on-chain for the other validators.

Becoming an uploader

There are two options for how a pool participant can become an uploader:

  • When the pool is just created and still in "genesis" state, the role of uploader is still empty. With the transaction MsgClaimUploaderRole the first pool participant who calls this transaction gets the uploader role for the first round
  • Increasing the total delegation. Increasing it increases the probability of getting chosen as the next uploader in each round. More details can be found here


The main tasks and responsibilities of an uploader are the following:

  • Close previous round with MsgSubmitBundleProposal. This will tally up the votes, reward (or slash) participants and close that round. By submitting already the new bundle proposal the new round immediately gets started. With the new round started, the other participants (validators) can validate and vote on the proposal
  • Skip round with MsgSkipUploaderRole. This should be called if the uploader is unable to get new data from the data source due to it being offline or for other reasons. With this transaction a new uploader is automatically selected who then can try if he can find any new data. If an uploader skips a bundle proposal he will not earn any rewards

Flow diagram

A more detailed step by step description can be found below: