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Funding Slots
How funding works in the KYVE protocol.

Benefits of becoming a funder

The benefits of this funding based system, is that indexers can now restrict access to our data based on which accounts are funding. This is more fair to everyone involved, and removes the free-rider problem.
When you fund in a specific archiving pool, your $KYVE tokens are then used to reward the nodes (uploaders and validators), keeping the network alive. If a pool runs out of funding, it will automatically be paused - limiting your access to the data.

How to become a funder

In order to become a funder, you must hold $KYVE tokens in your wallet. You can then choose which archiving pool you want to fund (pools can be found here).
Once you have navigated to the pool of your choice, you can then click on the Funders tab. If you're on that page, you should be able to see a Become a funder button. Click on that and follow the instructions provided.
Due to scalability reasons, we have to limit the number of funders in a specific pool. By doing this, we are introducing a slot based funding system. In order to obtain a slot, you need to fund more than the current lowest funding amount.
By claiming a funding slot, you are replacing someone that has funded less than you (if all slots have been claimed).
If you are occupying the lowest funding slot, the next time someone funds, you will lose access to the data and your remaining tokens will be automatically refunded.
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