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Currently, KYVE has three networks. There is KYVE mainnet, which uses the official $KYVE and provides truly trustless data. Then two testnets, Korellia and Kaon, where the native currency of $tKYVE has no value and the data is not safe to use.

Mainnet - KYVE

KYVE is the official mainnet of KYVE. Validated and archived data in this network can be used in production.

Testnet - Kaon

Kaon is KYVE's official testnet. It should mirror the mainnet and before upgrades are applied on mainnet they should first be successfully applied in this testnet. The same goes for new data pools.

Devnet - Korellia

Korellia is the oldest official testnet of KYVE. The Incentivized Testnet was performed on this network alongside many important upgrades. It will be used as a devnet from this point on, testing out new features without the risk of loosing real assets.