# High-level Overview

# Building a decentralized datalake

KYVE is an initiative to store any data stream with built-in validation. By leveraging the Arweave blockchain, we can permanently and immutably store this data.

# A decentralized and user-verified solution

Blockchain technology came along and provided a solution to centralization problems by offering a decentralized and user-verified solution. With this exciting new technology comes underlying issues such as the storage and accessibility of the rapidly growing data. Solana is expected to produce the equivalent of 4 Petabytes of data/year at total capacity.

# A decentralized archival framework

Due to its scalability, immutability, and availability, Arweave is the go-to solution for data storage. Nonetheless, data availability does not equal data validity. Therefore, we see KYVE and Arweave as complementary: while KYVE provides reliable data validity, Arweave, in contrast, focuses on data availability (replicability).

kyve overview

# Lifetime data

Data is stored onto Arweave, a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments.

# Reliable data

When a blockchain produces a block, this information is public; KYVE retrieves this data via blockchain nodes.

# Verified data

KYVE validators and delegators are receiving rewards for participating in the network and contributing to verifying data.