# Accessing data via REST

KYVE data is available for developers through the REST-API exposed by the chain nodes, a list of REST endpoints can be found here. The REST integration is the native way to access data that has been stored through KYVE.

# Understanding Storage Providers and Compression

Because KYVE does not store any data, developers must fetch the underlying data from the storage provider. The KYVE REST-API holds the proof that data on a storage provider is valid and can be retrieved trustless. A list of valid bundles is available at the kyve/query/v1beta1/finalized_bundles/[pool_id] path.

The returned elements include a storage_provider_id which points to a storage provider. In combination with the storage_id developers can retrieve the uploaded data.

Some integrations might compress data before storing it on the storage provider. The compression_id indicates which compression method has been used.

After the data has been retrieved from the storage provider and decompressed, developers can use it in the application.

# Next steps

An easier way to get KYVE data integrated into your application is using the KYVE ELT Pipeline.