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The KYVE Data Pipeline enables easy import of KYVE data into any data warehouse or destination supported by Airbyte. With the ELT format, data analysts and engineers can now confidently source KYVE data without worrying about its validity or reliability.

The sections that follow were created to help you understand how to setup the KYVE source connector of Airbyte in order to retrieve data. There are two options that you can test the ELT connector of KYVE.

Airbyte Local Deployment

For users who want to experiment locally with the KYVE data it is recommended to use the Local Deployment approach of Airbyte. This option requires some configuration steps in order to run Airbyte locally. Detailed instructions are presented in Airbyte Local Deployment.

Airbyte Cloud

You can connect to the Airbyte Cloud platform and use the KYVE Source Connector.

This option does not require any local setup. For setting up a destination follow the documentation in the Airbyte Cloud page. For example, the Snowflake section presents one such destination that could be used with Airbyte Cloud.


The Airbyte integration receives regular updates. These take some time until they are available in Airbyte Cloud. Therefore, if you need support for the latest features consider using the Local Deployment until it's available in Airbyte Cloud.


For common issues and troubleshooting tips, please refer to the FAQ section.