# Funding

# What is funding, and why is it important?

A storage pool requires funding in $KYVE and can be provided by anyone. The funding gets paid out to the protocol nodes active in the pool. If a pool runs out of funds, it stops. This is a crucial part of KYVEs token economics. The goal at KYVE is to build a decentralized data lake that gets utilized by as many users/projects as possible. When users create a business case on top of KYVE data, they are highly incentivized to ensure that the pool keeps producing the data. Whenever a pool is close to running out of tokens, it will purchase some more tokens and top up the pool's funding. The more users/projects do this, the more they share the costs, making it easier and reducing the risk of a pool running out of funding.

# Who would fund a pool?

Projects/Users who are building business cases with the pools data. They want to have continued access to the data.

# How can I fund a pool?

You can fund a pool through the KYVE app (opens new window). Select a pool you are interested in and click on the funding tab to become a funder. You can always withdraw your funds.

IMPORTANT: Funding will not earn you rewards! The opposite is the case. Funders pay for the staking rewards in a pool and are therefore necessary for a pool to function. You should only fund if you have an interest in the data being archived