# Delegating

# What is delegation, and why is it important?

By delegating to a node, you help to secure the network. Delegation is a form of staking which does not require you to run your node. You provide stake as network security to a node and generate rewards. In an ideal world, everyone would be able to run their node, leading to a very secure network with millions of nodes. But on the tech, this leads to many problems because those nodes generate a lot of traffic, leading the chain to slow down and eventually halt.

Quick off-topic note: In PoW, you are securing the network with external capital in the form of hardware, while in PoS, you are providing security by locking internal capital in the form of tokens.

At KYVE, you can delegate to both protocol and chain nodes, allowing you to have multiple ways of earning rewards for your tokens.

# How can I delegate?

On the protocol, you can delegate to a node through the KYVE app (opens new window). Select a pool to see the validators of the pool, choose one with parameters you are happy with, and click the become a delegator button.

To delegate to a chain node, we recommend using the explorer and the built-in process in the Staking-Tab for easy delegation. Note: The KYVE team does not manage this process; treat it as your responsibility