Archiving Pools

This page will give you an overview about KYVE archiving pools, how you can create one for your project and how you can maintain them.

What is an archiving pool?

The archiving pool is the main organizational unit for your project. The pool holds the project's balance, manages voting and configuration.

Creating an archiving pool


  1. An Arweave-Wallet. We recommend using ArConnect.

  2. Some AR in the wallet. You can get AR on Huobi or Binance

  3. $KYVE tokens, you can get some for free here.


  1. Go to the pools overview.

  2. Click on "Add new"

  3. Fill in a name and select the desired architecture.

  4. Fill in the pool config as required by your integration (e.g., @kyve/avalanche).

  5. Click on "Create Pool."

It takes around 5-30 minutes for the pool to be visible in the overview.

Funding the pool.

After your pool has been created, click on the small coin icon in the top right to fund your pool with tokens. After some time, your pool should show the tokens in its balance.

Setting the pools config.

Before creating a vote, make sure that you have tokens staked in the vault.

  1. Click on the pool you have created

  2. Click on the pencil icon to update the pool

  3. Select 1 as bundleSize

  4. Set 3dX8Cnz3N64nKt2EKmWpKL1EbErFP3RFjxSDyQHQrkI as the uploader (you can also choose another node address)

  5. Click on "Propose Vote"

  6. Wait for the vote to be created (this might take 5-10 minutes)

  7. Click on the "Votes" tab inside your pool

  8. Vote with "yay."

  9. After 100 blocks, the vote is complete (~3 hours)

  10. Click on "Finalize"