# The KYVE Network

KYVE is a network of storage pools built to store data streams or create snapshots of already existing data. It is secured by its blockchain built on cosmos (opens new window)

# Architecture

KYVE consists of two layers that need to clarify:


# Chain Layer

The chain layer is the backbone of KYVE. The chain layer is an entirely sovereign Proof of Stake (opens new window) blockchain built with Starport (opens new window). This blockchain is run by independent nodes we call chain nodes since they're running on the chain level. The native currency of the KYVE chain is $KYVE. It secures the chain and allows chain nodes to stake and other users to delegate to them.

# Protocol Layer

The protocol layer sits on top of the chain layer and enables the actual use case of KYVE. Every feature and unit of logic which makes KYVE unique is implemented directly into the chain nodes. This includes pools, funding, staking and delegating.

# Summary

Chain node Protocol node
Currency $KYVE $KYVE
Node maximum 100 Validators 100 Validators per pool
Secured by Proof of Stake Proof of stake
CPU requirements 3vCPU None
Memory requirements 4GB RAM 2GB RAM
Disk requirements 80GB 1GB
Rewards in $KYVE $KYVE
Function Secure blockchain Upload and validate data
Tutorials How to run How to run